Updates to the Amazon S3 PHP Class

It has been quite some time since I’ve mentioned updates to the S3 class. After Amazon released the AWS PHP SDK I expected most people to stop using it and eventually limited development to bug fixes/patches – but it seems to serve as a good alternative for many so I’ve decided to make some updates again.

Hosting has been moved from Google Code to GitHub, and the development branch has gained some new features over the last year or so:

1) CloudFront Invalidation (invalidateDistribution())
2) CloudFront Policy URLs (setSigningKey() / getSignedPolicyURL() / getSignedCannedURL())
3) CloudFront Default Root Object setting (createDistribution() / updateDistribution())
4) CloudFront Origin Access Identities (listOriginAccessIdentities())
5) Reduced Redundancy Storage (for putObject())
6) Options for client SSL certificates (setSSLAuth() – for those having problems with default OpenSSL installations)
7) CURL proxy options (setProxy())

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2 Responses to Updates to the Amazon S3 PHP Class

  1. S3 Client says:

    Does it work well with buckets with dots in their name when SSL is used?

    • Don says:

      Not sure what you are asking exactly? The API calls support CNAME buckets – the only time there might be an issue with SSL is when it is used with signed URLs on CNAME buckets.

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