Updated documentation for the Amazon S3 PHP class

I’ve just finished a massive overhaul of the S3 PHP Class documentation.

This update includes examples for every method (none of which have been tested). If you find any errors or inconsistencies, please drop me a line.

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5 Responses to Updated documentation for the Amazon S3 PHP class

  1. Rick Blalock says:

    Great job on the documentation. Looks very good.

  2. Great documentation! Did you code that by hand?

  3. Nielsenaa says:

    You really worked hard for all us all, thank you very much ;

    looking forward to using the cloudfront part

  4. siros says:

    I want to thank you for making such a Great class and docs.

    I start using it today and it was a matter of making an HTML form and Editing view lines of code.

  5. Pompos says:

    Thanks for the great class and doc. I had only a small problem when using ssl.

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