PHP classes for Amazon SQS and SimpleDB

Dan Myers has written some PHP classes for Amazon SQS and SimpleDB based on the S3 PHP class:

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5 Responses to PHP classes for Amazon SQS and SimpleDB

  1. Hi, i am new to simple DB and i want to use your class. Can i have some documentation about how to use the simpleDB class.


  2. Heron says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I haven’t had time to create documentation for the SimpleDB class yet. However, if you’ll send me an e-mail at, I can point you in the right direction if you’d like.

    In the meantime, the SimpleDB class functions very similarly to Don’s S3 class, and I provided comments for each function in the class file, so you should be able to see what each function does.

  3. Heron says:

    Rich Helms sent me a message to let me know that he has created several example programs using my SimpleDB interface class. His examples can be found here:

    I have not tested them myself, I’m just assuming he did. That should be a good starting point for everyone 🙂

  4. franck says:

    SQS PHP class … Could we have a simple basic documentation to use it?

  5. You guys are just Gods! Really.. take my word for it..!!

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